Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Spreader of Love Award

I was just given a lovely award by Sue of signaturesterling - "The Spreader of Love" Award ~ a reminder that I'm "loved" and that there are other very special people out there for me to "spread this love" around with! Thank you!

So here are the rules:

(1) Post a copy on your blog

(2) Mention who gave you the award.

(3) Pass the award on to 6 others.

(4) Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them.

And I would like to pass this on to
Kecia of Lemoncholy's
Tiffany of BAM Designs
Wendy of buttercup
Dawn of Draw and Quartered
Deirdre of Positive Thinking Everyday
Michelle of Faerie Dust Dreams

1 comment:

wzgirl said...

I am truly honored, friend! Thank you Dear Bonney Bess!