Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day of Action

Today all across California, students, parents, and teachers are having a Day of Action. Many events have been scheduled across the state to bring awareness to the fact that public education is getting the shaft. And that means our kids are too.

My son is in kindergarten at Riviera Elementary in Torrance. This morning we held a protest in front of the school. I was very disappointed not to see any press there whatsoever. As far as I know, most of the protests will be at the high school and college levels, so I would think a grade school participating is kinda interesting. But anyway..

My son and I made shirts to wear today. When we got to school at 8:30, stickers were handed out that said "We are Blue About Cuts to Education! We love our Riviera Staff!"

Many of the kids had made signs, and were shouting "Don't do budget cuts - Save our teachers". Cars would honk as they drove by as well.

The teachers, staff and parents stood in a long line in front of the school. I didn't get a very good picture, because I didn't want to leave the line. At 8:59, as the teachers went in to their classes, they got a big round of applause from the parents.

One thing was very clear today talking with other parents. We are all very angry. We simply cannot ignore such major changes that affect the future of our children. California is now #50 in student spending. Class sizes are going up, the school year will be shortened. None of this is acceptable. The state must not cut education! It is too important to all of our futures, as these kids will be the ones taking care of us in our old age.

Think on that for a while.


Tresijas said...

Such an important and worthwhile issue. Colin's first protest!

cigarboxbeads said...

good job, susan!

was the Daily Breeze notified? they might have sent people to other schools--i'll have to check the paper online--

no matter if no publicity--you did good and it will stay with Colin for the rest of his life!

marilyn g

RedBessBonney said...

Kelly - his first! hopefully he'll learn from this to stand up for what he believes in.. :)

Marilyn - I did notify the DB. I got a message in reply that they would cover it only if it wasn't "lame". I thought that was pretty lame.

susarto said...

it's a great thing for the kids to do! i'm in total agreement with you all! :D