Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scary times..

As I stated in my last blog post, this move has not been easy.

It got worse.

Much worse.

On August 21st, my husband and son went to a cub scout info meeting. On the way home, my husband began to experience possible heart attack symptoms. I rushed him to the hospital, where they determined it wasn't a heart attack.

Instead it was something uncommon - a dissected aorta. He had to have immediate surgery, as a dissected aorta can be fatal - in fact it is most of the time. He was very lucky.

He is currently recovering at the hospital. He's had a couple of setbacks this week, but continues to work towards the goal of coming home and getting back to work.

Since he just started work, he has no vacation or sick pay built up, and we have no income for a while. I had planned to reopen my shop when I had time to retake my photos, change up descriptions and play with SEO stuff. I've decided now is a good time, in case I can make gas or grocery money from my shop. Please share this post with others to help me provide for my son during this very stressful time.

And remember to give extra hugs to your loved ones - you never know what's going to happen.

p.s. I apologize if I don't make much sense - I'm in a state of perpetual exhaustion right now.


Amg-Arts said...

Thoughts are with you and family. Its frightening stuff, and I totally know what you are going through, two years ago last August my fathers aorta artery (where he had previously had his first aneurysm)started to leak he thought he had indigestion and took a table and tried to go to sleep but couldn't, my brother rushed him to the hospital, the outer wall of his a aorta was leaking. Due to all the operations he has had regarding his aneurysms they could not operate, all they could do was get his blood pressure under control. He was given three days. Two years later he thank god he is still here, everyday he goes out and sits and enjoys the fresh air and if there is any some sun, he plays with my nephews on the Wii, he goes into the garage and does some woodwork, he drives my mother around to do shopping and loves watching Grand Design on the tv. In the hospital I always remember my Mother telling the nurse how stubborn he is, and a fighter.

so if Chris is stubborn and a fighter he will get through this no bother, that was two years ago and my father is 75 in a few weeks; Chris is a lot younger, they could operate, and has a great family behind him, you will all get through this. I know when we got Dad finally home we all slept with doors open to make sure we could hear him. and it takes time for your heart to beat at a normal pace again after it feels like it been has living out of its cage this last while. So let me finish by saying You, Chris and Colin are in my thoughts and prayers. And posting a link to your shop on my Facebook page now.


RedBessBonney said...

thanks Ann.. this whole thing started just 2 weeks ago but it seems like forever! I just wish we didn't always have setbacks.. hopefully by next weekend he'll be home.

Kiraboodog said...

I found my way here via Regretsy, and I will be sure to check out your etsy shop, but I wanted to send some reassuring thoughts your way. It's been 10 years since my husband's aortic dissection, from out of the blue, and he is doing great. At just 41 years old, he dissected (most likely due to Marfan syndrome inherited from his father), and had emergency open heart surgery, at which time they gave him an artificial aortic valve & replaced his aortic root (the first section of the aorta as it leaves the heart). Just 4 months after that surgery, as he was really starting to get back in the swing of things, he had to have surgery to replace his whole ascending aorta, which took 13 hours and many pints of blood. He was out of the hospital in 2 weeks, back to work after about 6 weeks, and has a 3' long scar from his upper back to his groin to show for it. So as dire as that sounds, it's meant to bring you hope. Human bodies are amazing things, and can recover from unbelievable trauma. I hope you have a good support system of family & friends. Let them help as much as they can, it really does make a difference. Use the internet with care, as far as research- you can find a lot of unnecessarily scary stuff on there. I wish you all the good luck & strength you need to get you through this.