Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a Weekend!

Colin's birthday party went off without a hitch, except for our friends coming up from Orange County getting a flat tire... It was a beautiful day at Griffith Park, and the kids loved the trains at Travel Town! I ended up scrapping the pull apart train cupcakes. I tried glazing them, but they looked awful. My hubby tried to frost them - it took so long... I ended up buying cupcakes and making train picks.

Is anyone familiar with the Glendale Galleria? Colin wanted to go to Red Robin Saturday night for dinner, and that location was closest to Griffith Park. Driving around to find Red Robin was a dangerous task - drivers were nuts! I was very nervous that someone would run into us! Is that normal there?

Sunday we had a quiet day, and yesterday I spent all day trying to clean out and organize the space allotted to me in our living room for my arts and crafts. Still not done, but have another bag of stuff to share with my Meetup group on Sunday!


Michelle said...

sorry about your driving woes! we had fun at the party! what a fun place!

L said...

I spent the weekend organizing my craft section too!