Saturday, June 12, 2010

So how much toilet paper can fit in a toilet?

Unfortunately, we found out the answer today as the "it wasn't me" phrase went around... I'm guessing it was almost a full roll. (a big thank you needs to go out to my hubby for dealing with the toilet... love you, sweetie!)

Tomorrow is the last day with 4 kids. I'm holding up pretty well.. the nap I had this afternoon helped immensely - at least until the toilet fiasco... ;)

Kids were everywhere today - mine was at a social function with his dad til early afternoon. One of the boys went to his baseball closing ceremony, and the girl went and played with neighbors. I'm in trouble with the remaining boy, as I banned all computer games for the rest of the day. He spent a good portion of the morning playing so it was time to quit.

Tomorrow we are baking a cake and decorating it, as well as making a welcome home banner. I hope my friend doesn't cry - but I'm thinking she probably will... :)


susarto said...

hang in there! you're almost done! :D

cigarboxbeads said...

oh lordy! ;>)

good thing bevmo has that 5 cent sale!

make it through the night and you're home free;>)

wzgirl said...

A cake! What a great endeavor to end this week. Something sweet, creative, delicious and beautiful. And a celebration of your strength and love. xo

lilgreenshop said...

LOL! Got to love kids experiments.

When I played stepmom to my younger bro's 6 kids a few years back the 2 youngest broke into his store room (he had a pizza shop) and had a great time "baking" in the yard! One went along and was smashing the eggs on the ground while the sous chef was following him and dunping the flour into the egg!

Yeah was a real mess - and I learnt that day when the babies are quiet = beware!

QuirkynBerkeley said...

You're in the home stretch. I bet your friend gives you a big hug!

AlliesAdornments said...

Cake is a good way to celebrate! What a good friend you are!