Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, so it's Friday afternoon...

I haven't posted since yesterday morning.

I have decided the most exhausting things are getting 4 kids to bed on time and getting them up, fed and dressed for school at the same time.

Funny thing is it seems the whole school knows what I'm up to this week... so many have come up to me to tell me I'm very brave or a saint for doing this. I like to look at it as giving my friend a break so she can have a few days of fun with her hubby.

The kids have all been pretty well behaved. Mine is suffering the most, as he's an only child and it's quite a shock to go to having siblings overnight.. He gets a new DS game on Sunday.

This weekend should be a lot easier.. no set times for bedtime, and sleeping in will be encouraged! ;) Tonight we're heading over to school to a cub scout info meeting, and afterwards we're taking them all out for dessert. My hubby and son will be at a party tomorrow morning, then one of the triplets has a party in the afternoon.

Kudos to all the multiple moms out there, as well as those with more than one.. :)

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