Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Night in Hollywood..

Last night my friend Dawn and I went to see Devo at the Jimmy Kimmel show. They rock!

Earlier in the day I was so worried because it had been raining all afternoon, and it was an outdoor show. But it quit raining and the clouds went away and it was a great night!

We got to Hollywood & Highland to find out there was a movie premiere at Grauman's Chinese, and parking was difficult, but we finally found a spot! We headed across the street and got in line. Once we got on the lot, they had the studio portion of the show playing on screens so we could watch it. It wasn't too exciting, but it did make the time go by quicker.

Then it was time for Devo! They came out and played their newest and a few others, and then it was over. But I was still very excited to see them as I had never seen them live before.

On our way back to the car, we saw something that just cracked us up. It was Colonel Sanders - you know, the KFC guy - and Jesus. Walking together. What we couldn't figure out is why these guys chose to dress up like them! We tried so hard to get a good picture using our cell phones, but they all ended up blurry. We even stalked them a bit trying to get pictures! If you're ever in Hollywood with a camera and see these two together again, could you please send me a picture? :)


susarto said...

too funny with jesus and the colonel!
you were up pretty close! lucky you!!!
btw, i love your new profile pic :)

aubepine said...

If I'm ever in the area I'll keep my eye out, lol! :)