Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been working on a new line of stretchy chainmaille bracelets! These bracelets are so lightweight, as they are made with silicone and aluminum rings. The best thing about them is the fact you can just slip them on and not have to worry about any clasps! I have two new designs, diamond and daisy. Where my other stretchy chainmaille bracelets are simple, these have more texture and shape to them. Some should be in my shop hopefully by the end of the month, and will come in yellow, blue, purple and rust. I'm open to any other color suggestions.. if you have one, please leave a comment!


QuirkynBerkeley said...

lovely new bracelets, bess!

susarto said...

they are really cute!!!!
if you're looking for different color type things, could you not maybe use two colors in one? like maybe the center parts (they look like flowers to me) one color, then another color for the outside bits?
you know what i mean?
just a thunk.

MySerenityWay said...

So pretty Bess. What Sus suggested is another option. I like the idea that they are stretchy.

Ruby Clover said...

ooooooooh I LOVE those!!

GreenWorks said...

Cool new line Bess! And I like Sus' idea of 2 colors - would black or a dark color work for the outer links?

As someone who struggles with clasps stretchy bracelets are ideal. Are you going to do matching sets?

curtain fabrics said...

I love them. Those are beautiful bracelets. Great designs! That's a real wowzer.